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21 April 2022 Press Release

Collaboration YDBA with APJI in Fostering MSMEs

Jakarta - Since the establishment of Astra in 1980 until now, the Dharma Bhakti Astra Foundation (YDBA) has continued to encourage its fostered MSMEs to be enthusiastic about collaborating with large companies, governments, associations and fellow MSMEs themselves. This is done by YDBA to support MSMEs so that the business they run can be independent and sustainable.

Today, April 21, 2022, YDBA with the Indonesian Boga Service Entrepreneurs Association (APJI) are committed to collaborating in the development of MSMEs. Through this collaboration, APJI is committed to providing opportunities for YDBA MSMEs to market their products to all members of the association, either directly or through business entities under APJI. The products marketed must also comply with the QCD (quality, cost, delivery) standards set by APJI to YDBA.

Meanwhile, YDBA itself is committed to assisting and ensuring MSMEs make products according to QCD by providing various coaching programs, such as training and assistance that are management and technical.

The commitment to collaboration was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Undertanding (MoU) between YDBA represented by the Chairman of the YDBA Management, Sigit P. Kumala and the Secretary of the YDBA Management, Ida R. M. Sigalingging with APJI represented by the Chairman of the APJI Central Council, Rahayu Setiowati witnessed by the Treasurer of the YDBA Management, Handoko Pranoto and YDBA Board Member Vilia Husin.

In signing this MoU, Sigit P. Kumala said that this collaboration is an excellent opportunity for YDBA and the Binsis Development Institute (LPB) as YDBA branches in the regions to recommend MSME products that APJI has the potential to need as an association that houses the food service industry throughout Indonesia. Sigit also hopes that this collaboration can run long-term and be useful for Indonesian MSMEs.

As a series of events, on this day to coincide with the commemoration of Kartini Day, YDBA also held an inspirational talk on the Role of Associations in the MSME Supply Chain which was sourced by Inspiring Indonesian women, namely Rahayu Setiowati and Ida R. M. Sigalingging.

In the inspirational talk, the two shared stories about the role of APJI and YDBA in supporting the MSME supply chain, in addition to them also conveying her role as a woman in supporting the growth of Indonesian MSMEs.




Ida R. M. Sigalingging in the inspirational talk said that YDBA has a role in fostering MSMEs through intensive training and mentoring programs that support MSMEs to produce products in accordance with QCD customer / offtaker standards, have increasing competence and capabilities and encourage MSMEs to implement operational excellence in their business.

In the process of coaching, Ida encourages assisted MSMEs both in the manufacturing, workshop, handicraft and culinary sectors as well as agriculture to always have a spirit of change with a mentality as entrepreneurs who are committed & consistent in running their business, so that they can be trusted by large companies / offtakers to be part of the company's supply chain that is sustainable.

Meanwhile, Rahayu Setiowati in this Inspirational Talk said that the collaboration between YDBA and APJI would certainly provide benefits on both sides. Currently, APJI itself with members spread throughout Indonesia needs various tools that support the food service activities it focuses on. One example of this tool is the egg-breaking tool needed by APJI members to break eggs with an average number per day of 1,000 eggs. Until now, APJI members still do it manually, because the price of the tool is not yet affordable. Rahayu hopes that this collaboration with YDBA can be a solution for APJI in fulfilling the tools needed by these members at competitive and affordable prices and having quality that is in accordance with the standards.

The sharing of the two is expected to inspire us all and bring the spirit, that Indonesian women play a role in advancing Indonesia.

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