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About Us

Trusted partner for MSMEs in managing business.

Dharma Bhakti Astra Foundation (YDBA) is one of PT Astra International Tbk's foundations, founded by William Soeryadjaya on May 2, 1980. YDBA implements Astra's aim "to prosper with the nation" that shows Astra's commitment to actively participate in building the nation, in line with the first point of its philosophy, Catur Dharma, which is "To be an asset to the nation". In Astra Strategic Triple Roadmap, YDBA is part of Astra's Public Contributions, specifically Astra Kreatif (Astra Creative), which focuses on entrepreneurship programs.

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Our Program

Provide guidance for MSMEs

Fostering MSMEs and empowering the economic businesses of communities around the Astra Group network locations to support the business value chain.

Program Capacity Building
YDBA conducts training as a means to increase knowledge of UMKM Partners
Access Faciliation
to Market and Financing
Strategic Collaboration
Collaboration is something that needs to be done to increase the impact for Indonesian MSMEs.
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