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14 April 2022 Press Release

YDBA Participates in Developing Manufacturing MSMEs in Solo

Solo – In carrying out social contributions, especially MSMEs in Indonesia, Astra established the Dharma Bhakti Astra Foundation (YDBA) which plays a role in fostering and developing MSMEs in the country. One of the MSME business fields fostered by YDBA is the manufacturing industry.

In 2019, YDBA established the Solo Business Development Institute (LPB) as a branch of YDBA in Solo with a focus on the development of the manufacturing industry. Along with the establishment of the LPB, YDBA supports the formation of the Solo Raya Machining Community which was initiated by 7 YDBA Assisted Manufacturing MSMEs who are committed to running the YDBA coaching program. All members of this community have participated in various coaching programs both technical and management.

Management coaching includes, among others, such as Basic Mentality Training, 5R Training &assistance (Concise, Neat, Cool, Caring and Diligent), Digital Marketing Training, LK3 Training &assistance (Occupational Health and Safety Environment), HRD (Human Resource Development) Training, PDCA Training (Plan, Do, Check, Action), Training and Assistance in Cost Accounting and Working Capital Management, Marketing Training, Socialization of Business Licensing and Taxation as well as several facilitation activities  marketing.

 While technical coaching, such as QC (Quality Control) Training & Assistance, PPIC (Production Planning & Inventory Control), TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Management Capability & Engineering Capabillity Training, QCD Engineering Training (Quality, Cost, Delivery) and others.

In addition to the increasing number of members of the community, the Solo Raya Machining Community is currently preparing to establish a cooperative which is expected to make MSMEs as members in it become independent. One of these members is PT Sinergi Solo Sejahtera (PT SSS).

PT SSS is a YDBA-assisted Manufacturing MSME founded by Sutarmin in 2011 with a business focus, namely the specialization of Mold Makers. Some of the products it has produced include Mold Almari, Mold Botol Spray, Mold Spoon, Mold Jerigen and others.

Joining the YDBA in 2019 spurred PT SSS to be able to make its business even more developed. Through various coaching programs, PT SSS began to make changes in its business, such as the implementation of the 5R which made the production process more effective while increasing customer trust and innovating in making products based on customer needs.

Through YDBA, since October 2019 until now PT SSS has become one of the 9 Manufacturing MSMEs in Solo Raya that are trusted to supply their products to PT Yogya Presisi Teknikatama Industri (PT YPTI). PT YPTI is an independent YDBA-assisted MSME which is currently tier 1 of the Astra Group. In addition to providing opportunities for Solo Manufacturing MSMEs to supply their products according to QCD standards, PT YPTI is also involved with YDBA in providing guidance to MSMEs in Solo.

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