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Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra Trusted partner for MSMEs in managing business.

Dharma Bhakti Astra Foundation (YDBA) is one of the implementers of PT Astra International Tbk's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which was founded by the founder of Astra, William Soeryadjaya on May 2, 1980. YDBA is the realization of Astra's ideals of "Prosperity with the Nation" as well as a form of commitment Astra to actively participate in building the nation, in line with the first point of Astra's philosophy, Catur Dharma, namely "Being a Beneficial Property for the Nation and the State". In the Astra Strategic Triple Roadmap, YDBA is part of one of Astra's Public Contributions, namely Astra Kreatif, which focuses on entrepreneurship programs.

YDBA provides training programs, mentoring, marketing facilitation, and financing facilitation to encourage MSMEs to become self-reliant.

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YDBA seeks to encourage MSMEs from traditional industrial centers to modern industrial centers through the Leading Sector Program. By providing training, mentoring, marketing facilitation, and financing facilitation to MSMEs, it is hoped that MSMEs can achieve independence and advance to class and be sustainable.

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To be the best institution in the field of fostering and developing MSMEs in Indonesia.

  • Fostering and developing MSMEs related and unrelated to Astra Group business.
  • Fostering MSMEs and empowering the economic businesses of the communities around the Astra Group network locations to support the business value chain.
  • Develop entrepreneurship and community skills in accordance with the competencies of the Astra Group and Stakeholders.

YDBA was founded as Astra's commitment to participate actively in building the nation


YDBA runs Astra's social responsibility programs with a focus on developing MSMEs. Both MSMEs are related or not related to Astra's business value chain, such as four-wheel and two-wheel public workshops, craftsmen, and farmers. Based on its Operating Values, namely Compassionate, Adaptive, Responsible and Excellent, YDBA provides training and assistance to MSMEs to advance to class and achieve independence.

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Organizational structure

A Team That Always Implements CARE (Compassionate, Adaptive, Responsible, Excellent)

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Real Evidence of Performance

Until December 2021, YDBA has accumulated coaching for

12,006 MSMEs involving 71,522 workers

We have also succeeded in encouraging 28 MSMEs to become Astra's 1st tier suppliers,

Creating 215 Independent MSMEs, and Raising the Class to 857 MSMEs.


Note: YDBA developed the MSME Self-Assessment method, to measure the MSME class based on abilities in Production Management, Financial Management, HR Management, Marketing Management, and Environmental Management & CSR. Achievement of MSMEs Upgrading and MSME Mandiri using the standards contained in the assessment. 


Some of the recognitions YDBA has received in recent times

Astra Corporate Affairs Awards 2023 [Ver Eng]
YDBA's MSMEs Achieve Achievements at the Indonesia Marketing Association
Indonesia Sustainability Development Awards 2022
Astra Corporate Affairs Awards 2022
Marketeers SME Enablers Award 2022
The 1st Indonesia DEI & ESG Awards (IDEAS) 2022
PR Indonesia Awards 2022
Indonesia Sustainability Development Awards 2021
PR Indonesia Awards 2021
MIX Marcomm - Indonesia’s Best Corporate Sustainability Initiatives 2021
Astra Corporate Affairs Awards 2021