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The quality of MSMEs in Indonesia can be said to still vary, and depends on the business sector, location, and business size. However, some MSMEs have been able to develop their business and have good quality products, but there are also MSMEs that still need to improve the quality of the products and services offered. This will be a long job so that MSMEs reach their maximum level.

MSMEs in this case need to improve quality in ways that are efficient and sustainable. Such as increasing the skills and knowledge of MSME actors, MSME actors need to have adequate skills and knowledge in running their business to achieve good quality.

In addition, access to capital and financing is also an important factor. MSMEs need to have good financing facilities to support their business, and this sometimes becomes a big problem. Then matters of technology and innovation are no less important. Technology and innovation in this era have become a necessity, things related to it always intersect with quality and service for a business.

Furthermore, one thing that can rapidly boost the quality of MSMEs is having access to the market. MSME actors need to have the ability to penetrate towards wider market access. By having broad access, a business can improve the quality and reach of its business. Then there are other ways such as improving the business environment, a conducive and healthy business environment can help MSMEs improve the quality of the products and services offered. Therefore, the business environment is very important, and it can also be a starting point before starting other methods.

Through these methods, MSMEs in Indonesia should be able to achieve maximum quality. However, to improve the quality of MSMEs in Indonesia, efforts are also needed to provide support and guidance from outsiders. Especially small and medium enterprises, which have many limitations in moving towards independence. To increase the quality capacity of MSMEs, Indonesia certainly has many places to provide training and coaching.

Ministries and SOEs

The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia is currently organizing various MSME training and mentoring programs throughout Indonesia. Likewise, several BUMNs in Indonesia such as PT Telkom Indonesia, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, PT Pertamina, and others have training programs and MSME assistance. Various training and mentoring programs provided by the Ministry and SOEs certainly have terms and conditions that MSMEs need to fulfill.

MSME Training and Development Institute (LP2).

LP2 UMKM is an institution that organizes training and mentoring for UMKM throughout Indonesia. The various training and mentoring programs provided certainly have terms and conditions that MSMEs need to fulfill first. Meanwhile, LP2 has a lot of information available on the internet, and has many branch offices that can be visited throughout Indonesia.


In increasing the capacity of MSMEs in Indonesia, YDBA organizes training and mentoring programs that are structured according to industry needs. The training is held in the form of face-to-face and online classes, which aim to provide MSMEs with the basic concepts of the material provided. Then to ensure that the material can be implemented in the field, YDBA provides assistance, which is a one-on-one mentoring program at MSME locations for certain topics.

Several forms of training include 5R (Brief, Neat, Clean, Care, Diligent), Production Management, Digital Marketing, and many other forms of training. As for the assistance program, YDBA also provides several programs such as Simple Bookkeeping, HR Management, Digital Marketing, and other forms of assistance.
Of course, all of the programs provided can be followed with various conditions, and if you want to join YDBA's mentorship, please send a DM to Instagram @ydba_astra to get information on the requirements and how to register.



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