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30 April 2024 Articles

How MSMEs Can Be Prepared for Disasters

Indonesia is likened to a supermarket disaster. All kinds of disasters can occur in this country and most areas have the potential for disaster.

On April 4 2024, BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency) Indonesia released an infographic on the number of disaster events in Indonesia from January to March 2024, there were 585 incidents. There have also been developments in technology and early warning systems to warn the public about the threat of disasters such as floods, tsunamis and extreme weather.

The following are steps that MSMEs can take to be prepared to face disasters.

Preparation of Emergency Plans

Identify potential risks such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and others. Establish clear and detailed evacuation procedures, as well as safe meeting points for employees and customers.

Training and Education

Make sure all employees understand the emergency plan and know how to act if a disaster occurs. Conduct disaster simulations periodically to test employee preparedness and response.

Insurance Coverage

Make sure the business has insurance that includes protection against natural disasters that may occur in the area where the business operates. Apart from that, you also need to review and update your insurance policy regularly to ensure that the coverage is adequate according to business needs.

Backup Important Data and Documents

Also make sure that you have regularly backed up your business data and stored it in a safe location, such as external storage.

Effective Communication

Implement effective communication channels to provide information and direction to employees, customers and business partners during and after a disaster. Use social media, text messages, or email to provide up-to-date instructions to all relevant parties.

Business Recovery

Once the disaster has passed, identify key priorities and steps that need to be taken to efficiently recover the business, including restoring damaged infrastructure and equipment.

The steps above are a strategy or process for preparing preventive and curative systems to reduce or avoid the impact of disasters on business activities.




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