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The difference between dengue fever and malaria is that dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is an infectious disease caused by the dangue virus which is transmitted from mosquitoes to humans. However, only female Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes can carry and transmit the virus that causes dengue fever. Meanwhile, malaria is a serious disease caused by Plasmodium mosquitoes which carry malaria parasites which are transmitted through the bite of female Anopheles mosquitoes.

Considering that infections are caused by mosquito bites, Great Friends need to implement several steps to prevent mosquito bites while reducing the risk of contracting viruses caused by mosquito bites.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

Make sure you also use repellent or lotion that can repel mosquitoes from your body, and also make sure you wear closed clothes.

Take Vitamin D

Make sure your vitamin D intake is met, either by taking supplements or eating foods rich in vitamin D, such as egg yolks, red meat, sardines, salmon, tuna, beef liver, and cereals with added vitamin D.

Avoid using non-sterile syringes

The use of non-sterile needles can cause spread through contaminated blood.

Apply 3M Plus

Don't forget to apply 3M Plus, namely by draining water reservoirs, closing water reservoirs and burying used items that can become mosquito nests, as well as recycling used items that have the potential to become mosquito nests.

Apart from the 3M above, Great Friends also need to apply Plus from 3M, as follows.

1. Keep fish that eat mosquito larvae, for example guppies

2. Maintain a clean environment

3. Place used clothes in a closed container

4. Provide larvicide in water reservoirs that are difficult to drain

5. Repair channels and gutters that are not running smoothly

6. Plant mosquito repellent plants, one of which is lavender

7. Spraying insecticides or pyrethrins in the break room or office

The effects of dengue fever while it cannot be completely cured, but can be controlled with a combination of medication and intravenous infusion. Most people recover from malaria and dengue fever with prescribed medication and complete rest.

Don't let water stagnate in the business premises, cover food and water at all times, use mosquito repellent or nets, and maintain cleanliness to reduce the risk of contracting this dangerous disease.


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