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22 May 2024 Articles

Things That Need to be Prepared When Producing Herbal Medicine Products

Traditional herbal medicine is a health drink made from several types of spices. Traditional herbal medicine has many health benefits, such as increasing endurance, curing disease, and maintaining health.

The traditional herbal medicine business in Indonesia has great prospects and opportunities to generate profits. Before starting to build a traditional herbal medicine business, you need to prepare several things, such as having the ability to mix traditional herbal medicine and having the ability to understand the various properties of traditional herbal medicine.

The traditional herbal medicine business opportunity has a very wide target market. Apart from that, this business opportunity does not require a large amount of capital and to process herbal medicine ingredients you can also use the equipment you have at home.

Even though it seems easy and doesn't require a lot of capital, you also need to prepare several special requirements to run a herbal medicine business.

First, make sure you have obtained a P-IRT (Home Industry Food) permit, MSMEs also need to have a SP-IRT (Home Industry Extension Certificate).

Second, make sure the herbal medicine product you are selling also has permission from BPOM and is Halal.

Third, MSMEs also need to have a water quality sheet from the local Puskesmas. If they pass, MSMEs can proceed to BPPT (Integrated Licensing Services Agency).

Apart from the three special requirements above, you also need to ensure that the raw materials come from trusted sources and are of high quality by conducting quality tests for cleanliness, purity and effectiveness. Don't forget to include complete information such as composition, expiration date, method of use, and distribution permit to be attractive and in accordance with food safety standards, as well as being competitive in the market.




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