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15 March 2022 Press Release

#YukExplore Indonesian MSMEs

Jakarta – To get to know more  deeply and know the sustainability of Indonesian  MSMEs' businesses, especially the foundation of Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA), today March 29, 2022 YDBA held activities #YukExplore Indonesian  MSMEs.


#YukExplore Indonesian MSMEs this time held YDBA  virtually in the Bontang and Paser areas, East Kalimantan with the theme "Realize MSME Sustainability through Community Development".


The activity was attended by the Secretary of the YDBA Board, Ida R.M. Sigalingging; YDBA Managing Treasurer, Handoko Pranoto; CSR Department Head of PT Pamapersada Nusantara, Maidi Irvan;  Coordinator of  the Business Development Institute (LPB) Pama Bessai Berinta Bontang, Suryo Aji, Coordinator of LPB Pama Daya Taka Paser, Atmaji Priyo Hutomo and YDBA teams in several regions and reporters who attended virtually.


In this #YukExplore, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Culinary MSMEs  2Nay built by LPB Pama Bessai Berinta and Syufuan Hadi Fisheries MSMEs built by LPB Pama Daya Taka. The two shared stories about businesses run with various innovations that make their business still exist and develop until now.


The Secretary of the YDBA Board in the speech of the event expressed the hope of holding this activity. Ida hopes that this # YukExplore activity of Indonesian MSMEs can provide an overview of business innovations carried out by MSMEs today as well as can add insight into how the parties can collaborate together to develop Indonesian  MSMEs.


For information, in developing MSMEs in the Bontang and Paser kalimantanTimur regions,  YDBA collaborated with PT Pamapersada Nusantara to establish LPB Pama Bessai Berinta Bontang in 2015 and LPB Pama Daya Taka in 2013. LPB was established to support MSMEs to be independent and sustainable through various coaching programs, including training, mentoring, marketing facilitation and financing  facilitation.


Maidi Irvan on this occasion also said that the collaboration of the establishment of LPB with YDBA is expected to improve the competence of  MSMEs so that they are independent and the knowledge provided during coaching can be transmitted to other MSMEs. Maidi also hopes that the presence of LPB can be a friend and companion for Indonesian  MSMEs, especially those around  the work area of PT Pamapersada Nusantara.



2Nay Culinary MSMEs

Pioneered by Nur Aini in  2009, this culinary business focuses on the production of amplang with one variant. With her passion to continue to learn and develop 2Nay, Nur Aini decided to become the development of LPB Pama Bessai Berinta in 2016.

Various coaching programs were followed by Nur Aini, such as Basic Mentality & Entrepreneurship Training, Digital Marketing Training, Halal Assurance System Training, and various marketing facilitation programs and  financing  facilitation.

By applying knowledge during the coaching program, making Nur Aini aware that the business run must have an advantage.  So, Nur Aini is encouraged to carry out various product innovations that can attract the  attention of customers.


"Initially   I only produced 1 amplang variant, after being encouraged by LPB to innovate to  produce other  variants, finally my product variants increased and were widely liked by customers," said Nur.  Aini.


Currently, Nur Aini has several variants of amplang that are best sellers in various markets. These variants include mackerel amplang, squid amplang and crab amplang. Not only about variants, the  legality of business is also a concern for Nur Aini in running his business.  Now, the products  produced by Nur Aini managed to get halal certification which makes the product trusted by  customers.


 2Nay products are currently marketed in various regions, including Pama Gallery at Balikpapan Airport,  Pama Gallery at Banjarmasin Airport, YDBA MSMEs Gallery in Jakarta, all mini markets in the Bontang area and on online platforms to  reach more customers.  wide again.


Tips for doing business from Nur Aini to continue to grow and sustain in running his business, namely continue to share, do  effective marketing both offline and online and remain consistent in producing  quality products.



 Syufuan Hadi Fisheries MSMEs

Syufuan Hadi is an MSME assisted by LPB Pama Daya Taka Paser which focuses on spawning and enlargement businesses in the fisheries sector.

Running a business since  2020, Syufuan joined  LPB Pama Daya Taka to improve his competence in business. Some of the programs that followed, included spawning training and mentoring and mentoring the cultivation cycle & feed management.  Through the program, Syufuan is able to spawn fish independently and carry out the cultivation process that is in accordance with standards with productivity reaching 30,000 to 40,000 heads in one spawning cycle.

In running his business, Syufuan Hadi also always prioritizes the quality of seedlings and conducts cultivation education for customers who buy fish seeds. The seeds that are the flagship of Syufuan for cultivation, namely the Arabic catfish variety with the advantage of resistance to extreme weather and disease attacks, taste more delicious when cooked and have faster maintenance time.

Always learn and explore the knowledge of aquaculture more deeply, evaluate the cultivation process and do not stop innovating in running a business, become Syufuan tips in running a business in this  fisheries field.

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